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Alexander Waldmann

IT security expert, software developer & consultant

Software developer. Consultant. Security and Usability evangelist. Founder. Loves to breathe startup air.Founder and COO of the freelance network company netcorps since 2003 (recently founded the netcorps GmbH). Offering web focused consulting, software development and functional & security testing with extensive experience in:- Project management- Software development, development outsourcing- Software specification, testplan generation- Interface design, usability optimized layouts, wireframes, prototyping- Usability testing (economically focussed, not scientific), Expert usability review- Expert in crowdsourced quality assurance solutions- Information software security, manual penetration testing and code reviewsI consulted customers from many different industries on online ecommerce aspects and on IT security topics. I am developing and testing software since 2003, and started to specialize in manual pentesting (security testing) of web applications 5 years ago with the beginning hype of the web 2.0. I am professionally pentesting web applications for 7 years.I aquired an excellent grade Diploma of Computer Sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin, focusing on scientific methods to improve the usability of a distributed programming tool called Saros (awesome Eclipse plugin). Left the university with more than 8 years of work experience from founding my own company as well as working for the Optimal Systems GmbH as a web developer, frontend designer, lead usability engineer, tutoring at the university and coaching other developers on secure web development.Technology Stacks:- Client- & Serverside-Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS, ExtJS, Backbone)- PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5- Java, J2EE, StrutsSynergies:Security Team Lead and lead security expert for uTest, the excellent international crowd sourced testing company. Also ranked in the top 4% worldwide of the best of over 100,000 testers for Functional, Security, Localization testing.

Alexander Waldmann's Background

Alexander Waldmann's Experience

Security TTL & Consultant at utest

August 2012 - Present | Germany

Pre-sales support, testcycle preparation, team lead, consulting

Software Developer at Optimal Systems GmbH

June 2005 - Present

Senior Web Developer Frontend-Design Usability engineering Quality assurance Project management

COO, Founder at netcorps

2003 - Present

Founder of my own network of freelance professionals for Usabilty Consulting, Software Development, Security Testing. I built my company providing solution oriented consulting for online ecommerce and service platforms through a strong network of freelancers and technology partners. Focused on delivering high quality, easy to maintain software solutions. The service portfolio covers the entire process of strategically planning, prototyping, designing, testing and releasing software products that solve our customers business challenges. We are following a user-centered design approach. Backed by continuous crowdtesting of the applications for functional bugs as well as usability testing in-the-wild. We mix that with professional reviews and concepts by usability experts and pen-testing of the applications by security experts.

Tester at GmbH

October 2011 - December 2013

- Functional & Localization & Security testing of web, desktop, mobile apps - Blackbox testing and code reviews for web and mobile applications - Vulnerability assessment, manual penetration testing (security testing) - Usability consulting

Tester at uTest

December 2011 - August 2012

- Functional & Localization & Security testing of web, desktop, mobile apps - Blackbox testing and code reviews for web and mobile applications - Vulnerability assessment, manual penetration testing (security testing) - Usability consulting

Tutorial at is-research GmbH (Freie Universität Berlin)

2011 - 2011

Tutoring students at the Freie Universität Berlin on XML technologies Creating presentation slides, improving practice sheets, coordinating the students programming project, creating exams, grading exams.

Software Developer (Freelance) at IPTEGO

2008 - 2008

Freelance Frontend (Javascript) Developer

Partner at Bioworld Germany

2000 - 2006

Strategic Development and technical development of the biggest german database of organic food.

Alexander Waldmann's Education

Freie Universität Berlin

2005 – 2012

Diploma of Computer Science

Concentration: Modern Webtechnology, Semantic Web, Software Engineering (Usabilty)

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